Nexus 8 made by HTC actually makes sense!


I recently heard the rumors that the next iteration of Nexus 7 will be made by HTC and it might be called Nexus 8, because Google has decided to discontinue the 7 inch size in favor of 8 inch category. I also heard about other specifications, but I will come to that later. First, I want to talk about how optimistic I felt when I read this news and then it occurred to me that ‘Nexus 8 made by HTC actually makes sense’. (more…)


HTC One M8 2014 announced.





Well the wait is over guys and the day we have been waiting for is upon us. HTC announced the successor to one of the best Flagship phones of last year, HTC One. There is no denying the fact that HTC One was one of the most beautiful phones of 2013, HTC really is a master when it comes to