Facebook-Whatsapp Curry is Distasteful!!

Few days ago Mr Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has acquired Whatsapp. Well to be honest, I didn’t take this news very well. Why in the world would Facebook want to buy Whatsapp?? That was my first reaction. Then I did what I always do, I fired up my laptop and searched for the details, it was all over the internet. The media frenzy it had created was crazy. Internet was clogged up with articles regarding this acquisition.

This news in itself would not have created such a stir in tech community, big tech companies buy off smaller services all the time, it was actually the sum of money that Facebook was paying for a “messaging service” that sent everyone whining and twining all over the place. 19 Billion US dollars!!! (more…)


Why I’m waiting for Nexus 8!!

Google-Nexus-7-all-angles (1)

So I am a kind of guy who looks towards the future, anticipates new technology and like to future proof himself….. Yes future proofing is important to me..

When Nexus 7 2013 was announced it had specs similar to last year’s Nexus 4. I am not saying that Nexus 4 had mediocre specs, but they were the best specs of 2012, this was 2013…. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Photos!

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-image-gallery (16) Samsung-Galaxy-S5-image-gallery (17) Samsung-Galaxy-S5-image-gallery (15) Samsung-Galaxy-S5-image-gallery (35) (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 announced!


Last night Samsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5. The new iteration of this Galaxy S line comes with a lots of improvements, though the design language is overall similar to all the other galaxy phones. For all intents and purposes its a downright Samsung phone. (more…)

Switchr: Superb multitasking tool!

One of the perks of using an Android device is that you get some great multitasking options. Press the multitasking button and you get the list of your recent apps from which you can multitask easily. But in certain conditions it becomes a headache to reach that multitasking button on the right bottom of you screen every time you want to switch between apps. Specifically when you are using your smartphone with one hand.

To solve this problem, I have made my way to the Play store many times, looking for an app (more…)

Next app up for reviewing is among these……


5 must have Apps for Android users!!

In this day and age where 80% of the world is dominated by the Android Os and combine that with ever blooming play store, with over 900,000 apps, it can get really confusing for the new android users.

What do they need and what they dont, which apps would help and which would make their smartphones slow and laggy. Apart from the usual apps that everyone will install such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber and etc etc….. there are a few gems that can really improve your smartphone experience, especially on android..  (more…)

Pocket Casts!!! Podcasts come true!

Few months ago I was introduced to the realm of podcasts, at the time I didn’t have the slightest idea what podcasting is…I would rather explain it as….stumbling upon the world of podcasing. So what did I find there… well….. some great podcasts and a greater number of crappy podcasting applications. Few were very good but then their design language resembled as if they were created in 80’s.