Top Cricket Apps for Android!!

The Cricket season is here friends and Cricket fever is running high! The most celebrated Cricket tournament, T20 World Cup 2014 is around the corner and Cricket fans are running wild to get the latest updates on their favorite teams. I’m here to make it easier for you and bring you some great Cricket apps. These apps will keep you updated with the latest happenings in Cricketing world!!!

For this purpose I jogged down the Play Store in an attempt to find some great Cricket apps, but I was disappointed to find only a handful of quality apps. Don’t get me wrong, Play Store is full of Cricket apps, but most of them lack in quality or functionality or are just ugly. Anyways, I’ve been able to find some superb apps which will be good enough to serve your Cricketing needs. I’ll just get to it then!!

1. ESPNcricinfo Cricket App

This is one of the best Cricket app ever, period. It is the most detailed and extensive app I’ve come across. And it has been recently updated and design has been improved considerably, also its much faster now. It features  live cricket scores, latest news, videos, blogs, photos, results, fixtures, tournaments, rankings and live twitter feed of famous sports personalities.

Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-34-50 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-35-58 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-34-58 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-34-04

You can find everything Cricket related on this one app and you will never need anything else. You can also choose your favorite team and the app will give you alerts regarding latest news and score updates. Its the best app if you are a hard core cricketing fan and wants to stay updated with the Cricketing world.

2. Cricbuzz Cricket Scores and News

Cricbuzz is the only other app that comes close to ESPNcricinfo in terms of functionality. It’s not as good looking as the Cricinfo is but, the points it loose in looks, it gains them in functionality. It’s really fast and there are no bugs. It has all the features I just mentioned about Cricinfo, so both these apps are head to head. Although it’s much simpler and easy to use. It doesn’t confuse you and UI is straight forward.

Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-33-40 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-33-16Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-33-29 

You get the latest score updates upfront and latest news below. You can choose your favorite team here as well and it will keep you updated about all the activities of your team. One feature that I really like is that you can share the score updates with your friends right from within the app, feature that others lack.

3. Cricket Live Score

Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-36-26 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-36-15

A simple and straight forward app without any hassles. It’s very good for those who just like to pop in and check the score and then get out. Its UI is very clean and when you fire it up you are welcomed with a screen showing the score updates of the latest match, that’s it. There is nothing else on the screen. You can still choose to go into the details and latest news, choose your team, but that’s all you can do with it.

4. Cricket Pro

Another very good and very simple app. It kind of sits between the Cricinfo, Cricbuzz and Cricket live score, the point being, it’s very well balanced between the two extremes of simplicity and chock full features. It gives you the right amount of information in a simplistic manner, without making things complicated. When you open it, you get the list of live matches, there you can choose the one you are looking for. On the next screen, it gives you the summary of the match, you can get more details like full scorecard, partnerships and  fall of wickets by swiping from the right edge of the screen. And it also has my favorite feature, i.e. Sharing score updates with your friends via sms :)

Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-36-54 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-36-46 Screenshot_2014-03-16-17-37-03

On the main page, swiping from the left takes you to the main menu from where you can choose fixtures, results, tournaments, points tables, rankings and latest news. You can also choose to set notifications for the live matches. All in all its’s a very well developed app, with the right amount of features to get you hooked.

5. Cricket Live streaming Apps

Sometimes, just reading a score update is not enough, sometimes you need to watch a live match and what worse could happen if you are not near a Tv. So for those people who like to live stream Cricket match, here are two apps which will serve your needs and the best part, you don’t need a flash player to run them.

So folks, that’s it, I hope your Cricketing needs will be fulfilled by one of these apps and you enjoy this Cricket season! Cheer for your favorite team and stay updated where-ever you are!

Until next time….

Links: ESPNcricinfo Cricket App Cricbuzz Cricket Scores and News,  Cricket Live Score,   Cricket Pro,  Cricket Live Tv,  Khan Tv Live Cricket

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