Top 5 weather apps for Android!


It’s time to say good-bye to winter and welcome the mighty summer and if you are anything like me, then you will be regularly opening up your weather app on your powerful Android Smartphone and checking out what’s next. Fast blowing winds, rainfalls or skin piercing sunlight, what has mother nature in store for you. Luckily mankind has developed some awesome technology to keep track of mother nature and when it’s going to go all crazy over us. This technology is nowadays readily available and called weather apps.

Now lucky for us, Google Play Store has no short supply of such weather apps and delivers on this front as well. There are so many to choose from and almost all of them are super accurate and at the same times visually pleasing.

So when I shuffled through the Play Store to find myself this piece of tech, I was dazzled by the huge amount of apps out there. After passing them through some testing period I’ve come up with 5 great weather apps which I found to be better than the rest in one way or another.

1. BBC Weather

Number one on the list is BBC’s official weather application. This one is my favorite, it’s completely free and there are no Ads. It’s a complete package of a great looking app with accuracy as well. Like any other weather app, it shows you the weather forecast for the next 4 days, updates of weather changes over next few hours and the ability to add multiple locations.

It has a very simple and clean design, it shows you what you need from it without cluttering the screen with information you will never need or never understand. You can set time of refresh rate and transparency of the widgets. Its UI and icons are flat and gives a beautiful fresh look.

As I said, it’s completely free and there are no Ads which makes it my favorite and gives the number one spot on this list.

2. Yahoo Weather
Yahoo weather app basically ties for the first spot with the BBC weather app because it is just as beautiful and accurate. Again, you get all the basic features of a weather app, the information is accurate and more detailed. It is visually stunning and that is mainly because of the background images picked up randomly from the Flickr database. So it actually gives you a real feeling of what the weather is actually like, because the background image matches the current weather of your location. I would say that’s pretty awesome…. Smart move Yahoo!!

You can add multiple locations here as well, forecast for next 5 or 10 days, you can choose. It gives you details like humidity, visibility and UV index, map of your location and a fancy animation of sun rise and sun set. And did I mention it’s free as well and without Ads.

3. 1Weather
It used to be my go to weather application until the developers decided to introduce Ads in it. It’s still an excellent app, but there are better options out there and without Ads.

Anyways, as usual, it supplies you with all the information that you need, support for multiple locations, it can deliver forecasts hourly or on a daily basis for 10 days, shows you the precipitation for the next 7 days, map for your location and sunset and sun rise animation. It has a very clean and simple interface and it’s very easy to navigate.

The only thing that irritates are those bottom banner Ads, but you can pay 2 Dollars and have them removed.

4. Weather Underground
Weather Underground is one of the most extensive and most detailed weather app on the Play Store. Its best feature is that it’s a community powered weather app, which means you can share the weather conditions of your area with other users of the app and the weather for your area will be updated. It’s one of its kind weather apps, but I think this app is for the weather lovers who like to go into details and share weather situation with others. It has features like status notifications, 10 day forecast, hourly forecast, crowd reporting, twitter sharing, weather commentary and national weather service radio.

In any case its a superb weather app and anyone can use it for simpler purposes. It is Ad supported.

5. Notification Weather
This app is exactly what the name suggests. It is not exactly an app, but simply a persistent weather notification in your notifications. You can choose to see the weather for the next four days or just one day. It’s really good for those who like to check weather updates every now and then, they don’t have to open up any app, they can simply pull down the notification shade. The thing that I liked about it was its simplicity and how polished it is, it gives you all the info you need just by pulling  down the notification shade.

Again, this one is Ad supported, but you can also buy the pro version. Although, pro version has its perks and additional features such as, the refresh button in notifications, support for themes, 2 extra weather providers, multiple location support and swipe to dismiss notifications. Pro version will set you back 1 Dollar.

So these are all the best weather apps that I could find on the Play Store. If you happen to download any one of them, do come here and give you feedback in the comments. I would appreciate that. And if you like to see apps in any other category, feel free to ask in the comments section.

Links: BBC Weather, Yahoo Weather1WeatherWeather undergroundNotification Weather


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