The best Wallpaper App for Android!

Screenshot_2014-03-10-18-15-48Waking up every morning and feeling great to have a new refreshing wallpaper on my phone is the best new thing for me now a days. This new wallpaper appears by virtue of an excellent new app I tried after getting recommendation from JR Raphael.

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a very simple app that automatically changes your wallpaper with a new one everyday. This gives your smartphone a new refreshing look and if you are someone like me, it can make or break your mood…..kidding..


Anyways the new wallpapers that appears are actually historic paintings that comes to us by way of The collection is pretty good and most of the paintings are really cool. It also gives you some basic control, like the ability to change the dimness of the wallpaper and amount of blur as you like. In any case, double tapping the screen will clear the blur and shows you the painting as it is.

And if you don’t like these default wallpapers and want your own gallery photos to show up, you can do that as well and set your gallery as the default source for the wallpapers, or you can choose some specific photos also. When a wallpaper is changed you get a new notification showing the name of the painting.


I was never a fan of such wallpaper apps as they tend to eat up the battery pretty soon, this one doesn’t really effect my battery much and goes a long way improving my phone’s experience. This app comes to us by the creator of DashClock widget, another great app. Developer Roman Nurik  has done a great job here!!

Link: Muzei live wallpaper

If you are looking for some other great apps, you can read my articles 5 Android Apps this week and 5 must have Apps for Android users.


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