Samsung Galaxy S5 is exciting!

Okay, here I go! I said it, I said the words, I’m going to say it again, Samsung Galaxy S5 is exciting! Now before you people put on your cowboy hats and get ready for the shooting, before hell break loose on me, let me explain why I think Galaxy S5 is interesting.

Lets start from the beginning, Samsung announced Galaxy S5 on 24th February,  the tech community was expecting it to be something grandeur, something special, something that will blow us all away. Well, the excitement didn’t last long, Samsung announced GS5 and our lofty expectations crashed. What?? No metal body? No 4k display? No 64 bit processor? No retina scanner? It has a same shape as GS4!! Its a GS3ss!! Samsung is doomed!! They cant innovate anymore!! They are copying Apple all over again………… and rant went on, all over the internet. Well Samsung did what they were supposed to do, they released an upgrade to their last year’s flagship and they improved it in every way its was supposed to be improved. I would say, GS5 is a better phone than a GS4 in whichever way you look at it, its a worthy upgrade, an upgrade, I’m excited about.

Now I come to why I’m writing this Blog, why I’m excited about Samsung Galaxy S5! There are several reasons for that, its not just that, its a new phone, every new flagship is exciting, but Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with some features that I’m excited about, it comes with a new ideology and new direction, Samsung has decided to steer to with this Flagship!

Lets get to it then, Shall we…..

The new Samsung!!

I believe when Samsung announced the ‘New Galaxy’ it came with a new ideology, a new direction Samsung is willing to take now. The announcement was simple and straight forward in itself. The thing that intrigued me the most is that Samsung didn’t focus on the things they used to, they didn’t show off their well renowned gimmicky features they used to throw at our faces, like their air gestures and eye gestures and tilt to bla bla bla….. They were more focused on user oriented and user friendly features. It was as if Samsung has finally matured in to an adult, from a child who shows off his toys to other kids and taunts them. They no longer need that because the brand recognition that they have achieved in the last few years is just awe-inspiring.

They felt more confident and for the first time it felt that they were not afraid of any other manufacturer. They have already won the race, they are already on top and way ahead of their competition. So I guess they didn’t feel the need to come up and show of entire fleet of hallmark gestures that their flagships usually touts. Instead they focused on the features that matter the most to an average user. They felt to me like a new Samsung, different Samsung and most of all the better Samsung!

The New Look!

Samsung Galaxy S5 has familiar yet a different look. The shiny chintzy plastic look of Samsung that we all are accustomed to is gone for good. Instead we got a new, still plastic, soft touch matte look on the new Galaxy. As I said, its still plastic, but its a good one, its not shiny and not slippery anymore. It has dotted pattern which, hopefully will improve the grip and handling of the phone. But its still a Galaxy phone, they have retained their hallmark look and home button, some people might have a problem with that but I think they did the right thing. That is the shape people relate to as Galaxy phone, so it made perfect sense to keep it a trademark Samsung phone in all its glory. Though they have squared it of at the corners and made it more symmetrical which has definitely freshen it up a little.

It is definitely an improvement over previous models. And they introduced it in four colors Black, White , Cyan and Gold. I’m a fan of Black color though, Gold failed to impress me entirely.

Take a bath with your new Galaxy!

Well one of the best and most exciting features of GS5 is its water and dust proofing. These features are no gimmicks and have a real world appeal to them! The GS5 is IP67 certified and can survive under 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Well that’s just a scale to tell you that its water proof, the real life application is that its going to survive an occasional splash of water and well, you can really take it in bath with you, obviously because you don’t want to miss an important call or something, I’m not implying anything else here…

 All new Camera!! 

Samsung has put a great stress on the power of its new camera. And this one is my favorite!!  Its a 16 megapixel shooter and according to Samsung it has an auto-focus time of 0.3 seconds which is fastest in the world, that’s a serious claim and if it works like its being described, it can hell sure give iPhone the run for its money. The story doesn’t end here. Galaxy S5 also comes equipped with advanced HDR which will reproduce natural light and color effects and something called ‘selective focus’ feature. Apparently it will allow the users to focus a specific area while taking a picture and simultaneously blur out the rest, to produce a shallow depth of field like effect. This is something we see in DSLRs only and Nokia Lumia 1020 and 1520 tout this feature too. Its about time Samsung came up to speed.

This is incredible advancement in the field of Photo capturing and camera experience as far as I’m concerned. And I’m looking forward to it!

The Finger Print Scanner!!

Yeah! I know! I know what you people are thinking. Its a gimmick, just another feature copied from iPhone and bla bla bla. Well the game is my dear friend, Apple is not the first manufacturer to put a finger print scanner on a mobile device. Motorola tried it in 2011. Apple just did it better than everyone else.

The point is, its here now, right on our beloved Galaxy flagship. If they hadn’t introduced it, then the same people would have criticized Samsung for being lame and falling behind. Now that they have put in their latest offering people are still banging their heads over it. Why? Why? Why? I would love to have a finger print scanner on my phone. It adds excellent security to your device, which is difficult to crack, for an average crook who succeeds in stealing you phone. Right?? So why not? I woud take it any day rather than not have it.

So these were some exciting new features, that have sparked up a flame of desire in me to buy the new Galaxy phone. I think its a complete, well made, well rounded phone which has been designed, keeping in mind an average user, who would like his smartphone to be powerful, fast, secure and be able to take an occasional splash of water with dignity.

Its us, the power users, the geeks, the kind of people who want something from another world on their phones, every time a new flagship is announced. We need to keep our exaggerated expectations in check and  stay content with the reality. As of right now, Smartphone technology has reached a point where it has plateaued a bit and we need to adjust ourselves with that timeline.

It would take some time before the technology proceeds to the next level and that would be the time for us to let our imagination run wild and criticize a smartphone manufacturer to death, if they are not up to it.


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