5 Android Apps this week!!

This week I’ve brought you some great apps, some of them, I’ve been using for a long time now and some are new. Theses apps are going to cater to different needs of different people, according to their use.

Well lets get started then!


First up on the list is QuickPic. Its a photo gallery app and its the only one in the Play Store in this category that I’ve come to love. I’ve been using this app, like, forever. I’ve never used my default gallery app after I started using it. It is simply awesome, the best part is that its completely free and there are no Ads!!!

Okay, lets talk about some features. QuickPic is loaded with features. All the basic customizations are present. You can change the look and feel of the app by changing its themes to dark or light, there are 5 options in total. You get ability to create new folders or delete previous ones, you can change the folder view to stack, grid or list view, ability to include or exclude videos and if you want something you don’t want others to poke at, you can hide and lock your folders as well.

Going in the settings you can control several other aspects of the app as well like including or excluding the folders from the default view, horizontal or vertical scroll effect, control brightness settings, tap to zoom functionality and so much more. It also has a gif support.

Overall its very fluid and fast, interface is very simple to navigate and I haven’t encountered any bugs in the eternity that I’ve been using it. Its free to download, go give it a try!!

Floating Toucher!

Another app that hasn’t left my screen from the day that I downloaded it. It gives you a small floating button on you mobile screen and pressing that button opens up a circular panel which, kind of, overlay the main screen, from that panel you can select multiple toggles to control your smartphone.

You can also customize it and add your favorite apps to it, create folders or add more shortcuts. In one panel you get total of 9 short windows, which means you can add nine apps or nine toggles or a mix of both in one panel. free version comes with a support for one folder and one panel but if you choose to buy the whole package you get three panels in total and unlimited folders.

The whole floating button and circular panel interface is unobtrusive and a delight to use. Its very smooth, easy to use and dependable. You can tweak a lot of settings as well, changing the size and visibility of the floating button so it doesn’t hinder your mobile experience. In paid version you can also select the apps which when opened will hide the floating button automatically.

Its all very well done, kudos to the developers for creating such a nice app that simply improves smartphone experience. Although I don’t think you need a pro version unless you like to keep all your apps, toggles and shortcuts in floating toucher. Free version will do just fine for normal usage!

Clipper Plus!

Its one of the apps that I’ve started using recently. It simply gives you the ability to copy and paste stuff from one place to another. No…. No that’s not all, it also saves your clipping which you can see and use later again. In free version you can only make 20 clippings in total, shelling out some money and buying he pro version will give you access to unlimited clippings and an sync support. If you use multiple devices then you clippings will be synced to all you devices.

Its a very simple but extremely useful apps in day to day smartphone usage. Its one of the apps I use the most everyday. Copying text fro one place and pasting it somewhere else and also able to reach tose saved clippings later so much easier now. You gat a persistent clipper notification fro where you can access all your clippings at all times.

You can use the free version alright, but you have to sta in the limit of 20 clippings and no sync support. If you like you can always pay for the pro version. Its worth your money.

Jotterpad X!

If you are fan of distraction free writing environment then this, right here, is the app for you. It provides a very clean and simple interface with a sleek look. Its a feature rich text editor. You can jot down your ideas without any hassle and it provide you with different writing styles ranging from Essay to Magazine, Newspaper, Novel, Poem, Lyrics, Screenplay and custom designs.

Its perfect for those who like to Blog on the go and use smartphones or tablets for that purpose. It also comes with Dropbox integration so thats definitely a plus. You also get a night mode feature, pop up dictionary and ability to convert your documents into HTML, RTF or PDF files and share them.

Most of the feautres are free to use but some are locked away for a premium amount. If you need a simple app for writing without much distractions then the free version will be enough for you. But if you need all the features unlocked then you wouldn’t be wasting your money either.

Google URL Shortener!

This is the most recent app that I’ve absolutely come to love. Well the name is self explanatory but I would still like to sing some praise. This is hands down the best URL shortener on the Play Store. It has a modern sleek look, card based UI with superb functionality and it has a complete feature set you would expect from a URL shortener.

Once you have shortened a URL, it then offer you some options like share, save, copy or open in browser. It saves your shortened URLs history for you to visit later.

It also shows you complete analytics of any shortened URL complete with maps and figure and beautiful colorful animations. Its a real treat to use. There is no other URL shortener that even comes close to this one. If you are someone who share a lot of URLs on twitter or any other social media website ,this is the app you should download right now!! And its completely free and without Ads, I was actually surprised by that, the developer could have easily tagged it with couple of dollars price tag!! Go and get it guys.

That’s all for now guys, next week I’ll be back with another set of 5 awesome apps for you!!

Links: QuickPic, Floating toucher, Clipper, Google URL shortener, JotterPad X


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