Why I’m waiting for Nexus 8!!

Google-Nexus-7-all-angles (1)

So I am a kind of guy who looks towards the future, anticipates new technology and like to future proof himself….. Yes future proofing is important to me..

When Nexus 7 2013 was announced it had specs similar to last year’s Nexus 4. I am not saying that Nexus 4 had mediocre specs, but they were the best specs of 2012, this was 2013…..Nexus 7 2013 was a huge upgrade over 2012 nexus 7. It had double the ram,snapdragon S4 pro chip-set (quad core) and a stunningly beautiful HD display with pixels upwards of 300 crushing iPad’s retinas…..

While these specifications were enough for most people, they weren’t good enough for me. Not at allEvery review i read about nexus 7, it was praised for its beautiful screen and slimmed down bezels and great performance, one area it lacked in was battery (again important to me)….. Plus the chip-set was last years too… So it was nowhere as fast as some other high-end tablets….problem….problem…

While I was agonizing on the decision to buy or not to buy nexus 7, nexus 5 came around, and boy was it a beast….. With 2 GB of ram and snapdragon 800 processor, it was as good as it could have gotten. So it struck me….. If Nexus 7 2013 had specs of last years nexus 4…..then its very likely that next years Nexus 7 will have the specs of this years Nexus 5 or if we get lucky even better….so I decided to wait……and that patience bore fruit….or is about to….

Rumor is that Google is probably going to ditch Nexus 7 and come out with a brand new Nexus 8 (oh boy….i will be in heaven). 8 inch is the sweet spot for smaller tablets for me…and this also means that nexus 8 will also have a bigger better battery which would be great…..having said all that one thing that worries me is the rumor of Nexus 8 coming with Intel Bay Trail processor…. Frankly I have no idea what that is, but man…..I was…..kinda….wishing….for snapdragon 805 in Nexus 8….

Lets just hope whatever Google decides is for the best, I personally would like to see an iPad mini with retina display demolish-er in the form of Nexus 8…..a great screen and excellent battery life, super fast processor,great user experience and….the list goes on….. Oh and one more thing…. Google please release this beast as soon as you can because I can’t wait any longer..

Well I think these are almost all the reasons and kinda my wish list as to why I’m waiting for Nexus 8… I hope Google is listening.


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