Samsung Galaxy S5 announced!


Last night Samsung unveiled its latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5. The new iteration of this Galaxy S line comes with a lots of improvements, though the design language is overall similar to all the other galaxy phones. For all intents and purposes its a downright Samsung phone.


It seems that Samsung has been all ears for the feedback they got from previous Galaxy S owners and their fans in general. The have worked on their build quality, and as a result this time we don’t get any shiny plastic casing…. This time we get a soft touch plastic look with lots n lots of tiny dimples. Well, its still not an iPhone 5s killer but its definitely better than its predecessors.




Here is a list of all the new features that Samsung has added in its latest flagship:

5.1-inch display.
Android 4.4.2 KitKat.
16-megapixel rear camera.
2 gigabytes of RAM.
Storage options of 16 or 32 gigabytes.
MicroSD card storage.
Waterproofing with a IP67 rating.
802.11 ac Wifi, with MIMIO (2×2).
Bluetooth 4.0 LE
USB 3.0.
IR port.
2,800 mAh (removable) battery.

Yes…. Yes….. This phone is also waterproof… Which means you can easily put it in water up to 1 metre of depth for almost 30 minutes. Simply put, you can take it in shower with you without any worries…

To no one’s surprise Galaxy S5 also comes with a ‘finger print scanner’ built right into its ‘home button’ …ahm ahm… Remember anything?? Any fruit??

Oh no that’s not it, they have also included heart rate scanner next to the flashlight on the rear, just turn on the S health app and put your finger on the scanner and boom!! You can see your heart rate on the screen.



Camera is another feature that Samsung is pressing upon, its a 16 megapixel shooter with autofocus time equal to some 0.3 seconds. In simple words…. Its faster than the S4 camera or so Samsung claims. Only time will tell.

They have also worked on their proprietary software Touchwiz alot.  The look has gone completely flat. No more shiny, cartoony icons that you will have to face.  But reports are comming that Touchwiz has gotten heavier than ever, taking up to 8 GB of the phone’s internal memory. Which means if you get a 16 GB model, you will only get 8 GB to play with. Good thing they have retained the SD card slot.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be released on April 11th. Only time will tell how much of an upgrade this really is to GS4.

I have been using Samsung Galaxy S3 for over a year now and I have found Samsung phones to be very reliable and consistent. They have great processors, beautiful screens, superb cameras. I haven’t had any complains from my GS3 all this time. No wonder Samsung sells millions of Galaxy S phones every year. And I guess GS5 is only going to improve those figures.


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