Switchr: Superb multitasking tool!

One of the perks of using an Android device is that you get some great multitasking options. Press the multitasking button and you get the list of your recent apps from which you can multitask easily. But in certain conditions it becomes a headache to reach that multitasking button on the right bottom of you screen every time you want to switch between apps. Specifically when you are using your smartphone with one hand.

To solve this problem, I have made my way to the Play store many times, looking for an app that makes multitasking a breeze. There are great number of apps that solves this problem, but only recently I came across an app that hooked as soon as I downloaded it. I was so impressed that I went on to buy the pro version to unlock the complete list of features.

This app I’m talking about is ‘Switchr‘. It has great design and its very easy to use and it really makes multitasking easier, specially with one hand.

With Switchr you get three types of multitasking options Arc, Flow and Slide. The names are self explanatory but let me explain a bit.

Screenshot_2014-02-24-19-37-07 Screenshot_2014-02-24-19-37-00 Screenshot_2014-02-24-19-37-13

First you have to identify the trigger points. These trigger points can be set up anywhere on your screen, on right or left borders or at the bottom. You can also manually adjust the size and width of these trigger points so that they can’t interfere with your keyboard.

In Arc mode you get the arc of your recent apps or pinned apps that you decide. You can adjust the size of this arc also. From there you can easily select any app.


In Slide mode you get a big card showing your recent app and you can switch to the next card by swiping to the edge again and then back to the center of your screen without lifting a finger. Every time you do this zigzag gesture, a new app appears which can be a recent app or a predefined app which you select in ‘pin apps’ option. One thing that hooked me to this mode is that you also get windows 8 like sidebar, containing recent and pinned apps. From there you can select which one you wanna go for.


The third and my least favorite option is Flow. You just swipe your finger from the trigger point and large app icons appear out of thin air and start sliding as you keep moving your  finger. Again apps are either recent apps or pinned apps that you select.

 Screenshot_2014-02-24-20-13-23 Screenshot_2014-02-24-19-38-27

Once you have made yourself comfortable with these three different multitasking modes you notice the slew of other features waiting to be explored. One of them, I’ve already mentioned, is the ability to select which apps will always appear in your multitasking list. You can select as many as you want. The best part is, in addition you can reserve a specific number for recent apps which also appear above your pinned apps. I currently have that number reserved at 4. But you can go all the way to unlimited. So in this way you get both your pinned apps as well as recent apps with one swipe of a finger.

Another feature I really liked was that you can also see which apps are currently running in the background by virtue of a small green indicator that shows up in the corner of app icon, if its running. And then the ability to close that app by swiping to the opposite edge. Really cool han!! You can also swipe all the way down to the bottom to go back to your default home screen.

Screenshot_2014-02-24-20-16-01 Screenshot_2014-02-24-20-16-12

If all that is not enough than you can also change the look of the multitasking cards that appear. You can select between ‘flat’ look or you can go for ‘Google Now’ like cards. The third option is default which is preselected. I use it in Slide mode with Google Now look, makes it look like a natural extension of Google Now and part of Android itself. Its really beautiful.

There are still a lot of features I haven’t discussed like blacklisting of apps which will not appear in switchr and whitelist where switchr will be deactivated.

Well I guess I have covered all the important aspects of this brilliant app. Developer Mohammad Adib is regularly updating this stellar piece of software, kicking out updates every couple of days. Though I must warn you, some features are locked up in free version and can only be used once you have paid for it. But paying for this app is totally worth it. Its a great app. Its beautiful, responsive, fast, smooth and ridiculously easy to use. If you are a multitasker on you Android phone and regularly switch between apps than give this one a chance.

Verdict: Recommended  

Link: Switchr


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