5 must have Apps for Android users!!

In this day and age where 80% of the world is dominated by the Android Os and combine that with ever blooming play store, with over 900,000 apps, it can get really confusing for the new android users.

What do they need and what they dont, which apps would help and which would make their smartphones slow and laggy. Apart from the usual apps that everyone will install such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber and etc etc….. there are a few gems that can really improve your smartphone experience, especially on android.. 

The apps that I am going to mention are the first five apps that I install on my smartphone whenever i install a new custom rom or buy a new phone.

Some of these apps sit quietly working in the background, keeping your phone healthy and secure and a couple are of daily use…..

Well than, lets just get to it…

1. Clean Master (Cleaner) – FREE

This is one of those apps i stumbled upon accidentally while trying to find a good cache cleaner and task killer and I have stuck with it from day one. This is always the first app that i install on my smartphone. Its basic function was of a task killer but with time developers have added some amazing new features, making it the best task killer app period.

It has all the basic features such as a one tap boost button, killing off tasks when the screen turns off etc etc.. One feature that I personally like is that when your cache goes beyond a specific limit, which the user can set himself, it will notify you and then you can tap to remove all the junk in you phone.

It also got updated recently which drastically improved its user interface making it one of the most beautiful app i have ever used. Its now up to date with modern android guidelines. No wonder I am in love with this app.

Another great feature that has been added recently is game boosting capabilities. It puts a folder on your home screen which contain all your games, and when you start a game from that folder it is automatically boosted to give you a great performance. The uses of this app are many and there are many more features which I haven’t mentioned, but i will let the users to explore them themselves.

2.G Cloud Backup
G Cloud Backup is the app that is going to keep your data safe. It backups users call logs, messages, photos, videos, documents and bookmarks. It comes with a 1 Gb of free cloud storage to get you started. And you can always get more free space by doing a some very simple steps. The good thing about this app is that it works seamlessly without any hiccups, and has now been updated with a killer new UI.

It comes with loads of customization, as to when do you want to backup and what do you want to backup. and the best thing….you can connect multiple devices with it and transfer ones data to another. If you connect a new device you can also transfer your backed up data to the new device. Very effective if you smartphone is misplaced or stolen, you can always get you stuff back.

Next up is Feedly, the RSS news reader, stacks up all your news in one place. And boy is it fast…..it is absolutely incredible the way Feedly works, all you have to do is to swipe up and down. Of all the RSS readers this is the one I have come to love. Its fast, smooth, slick and beautiful.
It also has a lots of sharing options such as twitter, Google+, Facebook and email etc. Another plus point is that it scales up to 7 inch and 10 inch tablets beautifully. It also integrates with Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote.

This is one app that I use almost everyday and every-time I am using my smartphone. While browsing something, if you come across something you wanna save for later, pocket is the app for you. Just hit the share button and select pocket, and you are done. You can always access you saved stuff later, even offline if you want.

You can also save videos and images in it for later viewing. Comes in very handy if you are in a rush and wanna save stuff for later. You can also tag you articles into different categories so you can find them later easily. The app was recently updated with slick new UI and couple of handy features, like the option to tag right when you are saving the article. Its an everyday use app, and I recommend it to every android user out there to install it.

5.Google Keep
The most simple, effective, beautiful and straight forward note taking app I have ever used. Just open it and take your notes. Although it has some really handy features, also has an option to create checklists, picture notes as well as voice notes. Now reminders have also been added which can be set according to the time that you set or even the location. Easy and simple. You can also customize different notes by different colors. One of the best note taking apps out there by mighty Google itself.



  1. Sweet bloց! I found it whilе surfing around on Yahoo Νews.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yaɦoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!

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