Checkout this wallpaper extension for Muzei live wallpaper!

A few days ago I told you guys about an awesome new Wallpaper app from Roman Nurik –Muzei Live Wallpaper. You can read that article here and learn how the app works. Today I’m back with an app that works as an extension to Muzei Live Wallpaper app and improves the experience vastly,

Masterpieces Muzei is an awesome new app from Samsung Asia Pte Ltd and this is basically an extension of Muzei. Remember guys, this is not a stand alone app. It will only work if you also have Muzei installed on your phone. Once you have both these apps installed, just open Muzei, go to sources, select Masterpieces and that’s it. Now the source of your wallpapers will be masterpieces and boy, what a source it is. It brings gorgeous, new, fresh and awesome wallpapers to your screen every day and combine that with blurring and dimness settings of Muzei, you get stunning new wallpaper background on your screen.

Muzei is an open source app, so you can also look for other extensions for it on the Play Store as well and you will find many out there. Masterpieces is one of the best that I was able to find, it brings beautiful art from around the world and present it all in one place for you. It’s definitely worth trying.

If you are a fan of beautiful wallpapers and getting bored with your collection. Download Muzei and Masterpieces and you will never have to worry about setting a new wallpaper.

Links: Muzei Live WallpaperMasterpieces Muzei


Nexus 8 made by HTC actually makes sense!


I recently heard the rumors that the next iteration of Nexus 7 will be made by HTC and it might be called Nexus 8, because Google has decided to discontinue the 7 inch size in favor of 8 inch category. I also heard about other specifications, but I will come to that later. First, I want to talk about how optimistic I felt when I read this news and then it occurred to me that ‘Nexus 8 made by HTC actually makes sense’. (more…)

HTC One M8 2014 announced.





Well the wait is over guys and the day we have been waiting for is upon us. HTC announced the successor to one of the best Flagship phones of last year, HTC One. There is no denying the fact that HTC One was one of the most beautiful phones of 2013, HTC really is a master when it comes to


Top Cricket Apps for Android!!

The Cricket season is here friends and Cricket fever is running high! The most celebrated Cricket tournament, T20 World Cup 2014 is around the corner and Cricket fans are running wild to get the latest updates on their favorite teams. I’m here to make it easier for you and bring you some great Cricket apps. These apps will keep you updated with the latest happenings in Cricketing world!!! (more…)

Top 5 Browsers for Android 2014!

Buying a Smartphone is just the first step in this era of modern technology but, having right apps on that Smartphone opens up the whole new world of opportunities for us. It exposes us to the possibilities which were once beyond our imagination. If you are not tech savvy and not interested in technology you can be easily be blown away by this world. (more…)

Top 5 weather apps for Android!


It’s time to say good-bye to winter and welcome the mighty summer and if you are anything like me, then you will be regularly opening up your weather app on your powerful Android Smartphone and checking out what’s next. Fast blowing winds, rainfalls or skin piercing sunlight, what has mother nature in store for you. Luckily mankind has developed some awesome technology to keep track of mother nature and when it’s going to go all crazy over us. This technology is nowadays readily available and called weather apps. (more…)

The best Wallpaper App for Android!

Screenshot_2014-03-10-18-15-48Waking up every morning and feeling great to have a new refreshing wallpaper on my phone is the best new thing for me now a days. This new wallpaper appears by virtue of an excellent new app I tried after getting recommendation from JR Raphael.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is exciting!

Okay, here I go! I said it, I said the words, I’m going to say it again, Samsung Galaxy S5 is exciting! Now before you people put on your cowboy hats and get ready for the shooting, before hell break loose on me, let me explain why I think Galaxy S5 is interesting. (more…)

5 Android Apps this week!!

This week I’ve brought you some great apps, some of them, I’ve been using for a long time now and some are new. Theses apps are going to cater to different needs of different people, according to their use.

Well lets get started then!


First up on the list is QuickPic. Its a photo gallery app and its the only one in the Play Store in this category that I’ve come to love. I’ve been using this app, like, forever. I’ve never used my default gallery app after I started using it. It is simply awesome, the best part is that its completely free and there are no Ads!!! (more…)